Tools, methods, tips and tricks

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1 Tools

1.1 Grinders

They don't provide any assistance for sharpening, to keep the blade square for instance. Some high end models have guides, plates and rails. Or one can buy a tormek bar such as

They are very versatile, as one can mount brushes, wheels, stones, bands…

1.1.1 Rikon

High end grinders, eventually a bit slower than the other grinders.

1.2 Slow grinders, tormek and clones

Slow grinders usually have a large 25cm water stone, spinning slowly and a leather honing wheel. They are specialized sharpening tools.

1.2.1 Tormek

  • Tormek T4 + redresseur TT50 + guide rabot SE77: 366+45+65=480€
  • Tormek T8 : 630€

Le T8 peut fonctionner en continu (contre 30' pour le T4)

1.2.2 Clones

They suck mostly.