Bugfix: battery-drain-on-suspend

Battery drains on suspend, much faster than expected. Maybe 2%/h. 48h not using the computer and it's out.

There are many supported sleep states :

code how also notes
S0 idle freeze consumes more
S3 mem deep consumes less
S4 disk hibernate consumes nothing

Most system supports the 3 of them.

% sudo dmesg | grep ACPI | grep supports
[    0.945944] ACPI: (supports S0 S3 S4 S5)

1 Workarounds

1.1 hybrid sleep or suspend to both RAM and disk

This way, the system can always restart from the image, but :

  1. it takes longer
  2. it doesn't help with the side-effects of a dirty shutdown, such as the USB3 issues

1.2 sleep-then-hibernate

The system should hibernate after a while on suspend mode (S3) / sleep mode (S0)

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