Finger plane

a tiny plane, that looks like a toy but is actually useful and enjoyable

I like wooden planes, so I buy old and damaged ones, restore them or build new ones from the collected parts and put them to work.

This time, I built a tiny finger plane for the sorb (cormier) body of a broken try plane and the pitted blade of a smoother.

The blade is 3mm thick, which is more than enough for the work the little plane will be convenient for: planning narrow places, cutting chamfer and smoothing angles. Such thickness allows for a simple pin and wedge setup, no cap iron.

It is so surprisingly nice to use that might build a few more (now I have cut the smoother's 42mm blade, I could build 4 of them), maybe with round soles.

Next project, finish the large 5cm smoother I cut from another broken jointer!

IMG_0028.JPG camphoto_1903590565.jpg IMG_0037.JPG