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[2021-03-22 Mon]

Working with emacs

Using emacs for org mode, with as little lisp as possible

[2020-09-15 Tue]

"The User Interface for Programmers"

Integrating interests together, in a uniform fashion, across devices.

[2020-09-09 Wed]

Notes on my woodworking toolbox / tote

Features, dimensions, notes and contents

[2020-05-01 Fri]

Lino printing press [WIP]

Making a wooden lever press for linography

[2020-01-10 Fri]


Gardening notes, unmaintained. I use a paper notebook in the shed.

[2019-10-20 Sun]

Music and movies over the air

Hi-Fi audio and videos experiments, from lazy non-audiophile linux/iOS users.

[2019-03-20 Wed]

Notes on making high angle woonden plane smoothers [WIP]

Difficult wood finishers.

[2018-03-28 Wed]

Finger plane

a tiny plane, that looks like a toy but is actually useful and enjoyable

[2018-03-28 Wed]

Shaving pony

A small shaving horse to attach on top of a small bench

[2018-02-08 Thu]

Sidekick bench [WIP]

A small versatile bench, usable as a normal bench, a bench top bench,

[2017-09-12 Tue]

Dvorak all the things

Notes on using the dvorak layout

[2017-08-23 Wed]

Custom "trusquin" - french style marking gauge

A noscrew marking gauge. With a wedge pin.

[2017-02-13 Mon]

Powertop, pm-utils and laptop-mode

Notes on power management for linux laptops. Nothing spectacular.

[2016-07-14 Thu]

Suckless dwm hacks & patches


[2015-08-15 Sat]

Holy goban

My first attempt at creating a go game board, drilling holes

[2015-01-28 Wed]

git & pandoc ❤

git, latex template and Makefile to work with my projects documents

[2014-11-26 Wed]

Useless gaps

adding some space between tiled windows, trivial subject.

[2014-11-07 Fri]

not much

… of a blog

[2012-10-09 Tue]

A look at\Wthrough finders

Shots taken through the finder of some my cameras

[2012-06-16 Sat]

A look at\Wthrough finders

Shots taken through the finder of some my cameras

[2012-06-16 Sat]

Playing with Nikon D90 & Nikkor 70-210mm 4-5.6 AF-D

Taking some pictures with a cheap zoom lense with the expectation to used it for sport photography

[2009-12-09 Wed]

Goban howto

Bricolage de gobans lourds et contondants ou comment construire un plateau pour le jeu de go avec un bon morceau de hêtre, pas mal de matériel et de papier de verre.

[2008-03-01 Sat]