Useless gaps

adding some space between tiled windows, trivial subject.

TL;DR: Modern era, computer, multitasking, context switching, mind fuck, dark side. Tiling window manager, fullscreen mode, big fonts.

WWW is full of 1st-world-Y-gen problems, such as RSI, eye strain, sleep problems, coming with assorted remedies. Obviously, one should take breaks every half an hour and should not work more than 8 hours hands on keyboard and mouse, facing a monitor, no matter the quality. Drink water, eat fruits, don't face or turn your back on bright light, etc.

The other one might just try to deal with it:

Five years ago, in 2009, I wrote a patch for the dwm window manager that adds some empty space between windows and at the same time, removes everything, border included when there was only one window displayed.

Short of inspiration, i named in uselessgap.

Figure 1: dwm

I have been using dwm on linux and Mac for years. On Mac however, x11 can't handle native apps windows and I patched spectacleapp to achieve similar functionality, useless gaps included.

Figure 2: spectacle

As I was checking for existing patches or pull requests for such a feature in spectacleapp, I found out that the feature has yet been implemented in a lot of similar window managers, sometimes with the same "useless" name:

I should have named it "useful gaps".