Digging out some photographies and cameras.

As I was reading about the latest Leica M9 and browsing through Leica fans pages on Flickr (check moaan for instance), I felt the need to dig through shelves and boxes for my cameras and pictures. Here are some of them, pour le panache

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1. Agfamatic 100 (Point&shoot)

This is the model I used and broke, as a kid. I found this model some while ago. I do not use it since compatible film is not being sold anymore. The disposable flash bulb was called the "magicube": a little cube capable of 4 shots. Very cute. I am a bit astounded by the sharpness of my old prints. Surprisingly, in good light conditions, results were good !

2. Canon AE-1 P (SLR)

A friend of mine lent me this camera 10 or 15 years ago and I rarely lent it back to him over the years ! This is a fantastic, robust and dead-simple camera, for which you can easily find cheap used lenses (here 24mm, 50mm, 135mm, 50-200mm). I use it mostly for black and white portrait shooting (135mm <3).

3. Ricoh GRD (Point&shoot)

I bought this small, (wide angle) 24mm prime lens camera to live in my pocket. While I don't like the term "serious compact" or "expert point&shoot+01:00", it still remains a very capable and nice camera. I love how it provides easy exposure compensation, bracketing, macro … I use it very often for close macro, landscapes, city and in-building shooting.

4. Nikon D90 (DSLR)

My first DSLR. Not too cheap, not professional, I love it. I bought a couple lens and now have great pleasure using it. You can't technically miss a picture with such gear: always on-focus, fast, sensitive, …